M11 PRO without PTT

Simple Voice Communications

M11 Pro with a short cable and side connector for the specific radio for should/chest placement.

Use internal radio push to talk for transition.


  • Hytera HP5 Series Yes

  • Hytera HP7 - Series Yes

  • Hytera HP6 Series Yes

Motorola Solutions

  • Motorola Solutions R7 Coming Soon

  • Motorola Solutions R2 Coming Soon

  • Motorola Solutions DP4000 On Request

  • Motorola Solutions TLK-100 On Request


  • Sepura SC- Series Coming Soon

  • Sepura STP- Series Coming Soon


  • ICOM IC-F52/62 Coming Soon

  • ICOM IC-SAT100 Coming Soon

  • ICOM IC-M85 Coming Soon

  • ICOM IP730D/IP740D Coming Soon

  • ICOM IC-M37 On Request


  • Kenwood NX-1300 On Request

  • Kenwood NX-5000 On Request

Compatible with
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