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No more noise, just your voice

Agenda: Background into Tactical Headsets, The difference between neckmics, throat mics and over-ear headsets, Used case studies, Product line, and Question and Answers

In this webinar, you'll explore a ground breaking headset engineered to deliver clear communications in high-noise environments.

Experience a new level of noise-cancelling communication with cutting-edge neckmic technology, delivering crystal-clear sound by capturing your voice directly from the neck-skin while isolating it from surrounding noise.

Unleash the power of clear communication, even in the most challenging environments

Patented Neckmic Technology

Introducing the revolutionary tactical headsets, designed for clarity and performance in any environment.

The headsets boast exceptional noise reduction capabilities, ensuring that whether you're in a bustling urban setting, a crowded event, or a noisy industrial environment, you'll always have loud and clear communication. The in-ear speakers further enhance your experience, delivering superior sound quality for seamless conversations.

Stay connected, focused, and ahead of the game with our Tactical Headsets. Perfect for professionals in law enforcement, military operations, security personnel, or anyone who demands the highest standard of communication in high-noise environments.


Tactical Headsets headsets' are compatible with two-way radios, smartphones, and laptops. With their innovative technology, these headsets provide exceptional audio quality and noise cancellation